Thursday, September 17, 2009

Photo-Catchup: In case you were wondering...

Basically, I'm still trying to figure out ways to photoblog efficiently, and I hope I've hit upon something for now. Using some free tools, here's what's been happening with me these past few days.

Below is my recent trip to the Magic Kingdom:

And below is my visit to Hollywood and Universal Studios:

Let me know if you guys want captions. It's just that I do this already on Facebook, so I'm pretty tired of typing the same thing out, but if you guys like this, then I might do more of these and just only type out captions once. Whatevers you guys want. For reals... ;)

****This post is not working right. Photos can be found here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Yellowstone: It's about Frak'n time!...

It's a trip we always wanted to make: to see nature's great scenery, without all the mess of camping and getting nature on us. Though, riding on a bus for 4 days is a bit tough and rushed, but it's better than getting lost among the 6 different entrances into the forest that are spread across 3 states.

And besides, driving yourself is over-rated. Naps on a bus rule.

Total States Crossed: 6 - California, Nevada, Arizona (On the way there), Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana

Number of Different Meats Consumed - 3 - NZ Lamb, Bison, and Buffalo; but really, I can't tell the difference

Strangest meat consumed - Peanut Chicken; really, I've been to 4 different regions in China, and I've NEVER had this!

Total Number of Days on the Road - 6

Number of Bear Attacks - Zero

The next time I'll be back at Yellowstone - Probably when I have kids and the flying car is invented...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

CA Wildfires, like the End of the World...

In LA, if it ain't the recession, unemployment, flash floods or unpredictable earthquakes -- it's forest fires. Dry weather + insane heat = Crazy nature.

I shot this stuff at a distance, and even I can feel it...

It's like a nuke went off in the distance...

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Go Cart, Go Home...

You see a shopping cart on the side of the road. You could ignore it, sure that's the easy thing to do. Or maybe, just maybe, you're crazy enough to walk it all the way back to the store from which it came...

This Bed Bath and Beyond cart was calling for its brethren...

... So 8 long blocks later, it was finally home. Only to be snatched
by a guy 5 seconds later.

Sometimes you don't have to go out of your way to do the right thing... ;)

Building a Bookshelf: Right on Target...

I will never be a master-craftsman. But that doesn't mean I can't be a master-crapsman. Lend me two screwdrivers and a hammer, and here's what happens:

Typical bookshelf in the "Before" stage

Looks like all the pieces are still there, that's a good start

Key to success: lay it all out, and make sure you have EVERYTHING for reals

Follow the instructions, or else you might accidentally make a table

Standing up on its own. Always a good sign towards the end

Ta-Da! A bookshelf that's ready for use. And I used every single
part... I think. ;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Las Vegas Weekend: Girls, Gambling, and... Guns?

Sometimes the best way to see a town you've been to a million times is to take someone that hasn't been there in ages. That was exactly the case this past weekend.

Destination: Las Vegas
Mission: As much fun as legally possible

I've gotten so used to doing what the locals do that I kinda forgot what it's like to just walk around the Strip like a regular 'ol tourist. Recapturing some of that magic did my soul some good, and did I mention that I had an awesome time?

Anyway, the pics below were taken during the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, where the combination of costumed fans, massive amounts of booze and gambling surprisingly lead to mild mischief for all, and made being a Trekkie that much crazier.

Besides cruising the Strip, there was even a stop at The Gun Store. Let's just say that even a pacifist would be hard-pressed to deny the fact that shooting full-automatic machine guns is kinda frak'n awesome...

And for a little extra bonus video, click here